Friday, January 21, 2011

So.... update again. I'd like to say I'm gonna be better at this but I don't think that is gonna happen. Lots has happened since the last post. First I'll start with the MRI. It was a LONG process and so hard for me to hold still. I had no idea how claustrophobic I am until they put me in. I felt myself start to panic so I tried to breath deep but then they said I was breathing too deep. Then I started to itch all over. The worst was that I had to wear ear plugs and towards the end (thankfully) one fell out and was tickling my ear. It was TORTURE to try not to move. But, I made it through. The results said that I have a compressed bulging disc in my neck. Probably as a result of the chiropractor. He put me on a dose of cortisone and I am scheduled for physical therapy on the 27th of January. I can't wait to get working on getting back to my old self. I really want to get back into a work out routine again without being so scared of hurting myself. Christmas was a blast!! The kids had so much fun and were spoiled rotten. We went to my parent's house for Christmas Eve and just relaxed with everyone. It was so much fun watching every one's reaction to what we got them. That is the best part of Christmas for me. Especially when I get a surprised excited reaction. We gave my Dad a remote control airplane and his reaction was awesome. He has had a lot of fun with it. My mom spoiled the kids of course. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with her. She loves those kids though and I've been told to let her do her spoiling. She spoiled me too though. She got Dan and I the wii fit game. We had them over for new years and we all had fun playing it. We spent Christmas Day at Dan's parents' house. We had so much fun just hanging out with the family. His mom always does a turkey dinner when we get together for Christmas and it was super yummy!! I was so much fun to watch each other get excited and the kids had a blast with their cousins. We drew names this year since we are growing so fast. I got Dave and Dan got Megan. We got Megan some microphones for her Beatles rock band game (thanks for the suggestion Tom) and a simplified hymn book (also thank you for the suggestion Tom). Dave's gift was the one Dan and I had been so excited for. We both couldn't wait to see his reaction. He is a big airplane fan and so we got him a remote control helicopter too. He LOVED it. He even went out and got another one later. We went up there last night so Dan could help him with something and he was playing with it then too. It was so nice to see that he enjoyed it as much as has we had hoped.

New Years was fun. We had my family over and played games and ate and talked. The kids didn't make it to midnight but the rest of us did. I can't believe it is 2011 already!! Well. Recently things have been less than dull for us. Last Friday while I was home and a load of laundry was going I heard the washer making a weird noise. I decided to just listen for a while. Well. All of a sudden I heard a loud pop noise so I ran in and turned off the machine. when i opened the lid I got a face full of smoke and it just kept billowing out of the tub basin. It smelled just as bad as when a vacuum belt breaks. That burned rubber smell. Well. come to find out that is exactly what happened. My entire house was full of smoke so I opened all the windows and turned of the heater and put the kids in their coats. I finally got it aired out enough to close the window when my Dad shows up to try and see if it was something that could be fixed. I was so grateful that he just dropped everything to come to my rescue. He took it apart and found that the belt blew but he didn't know how to fix it. He called the guy that repair his machine once and asked him what else could be wrong and how much it would be to diagnose and fit. The numbers weren't pretty. Dan called while he was here and said that Dave was going to come down around 5 to take a look and see what he could do. He also dropped everything and came to our rescue. He brought the family and we hung out and had dinner while Dan and Dave put a new belt on the machine. Well. That didn't work. Sounds like the break that stops it from spinning wouldn't stop engaging and it would just burn through the belt. So, that machine was toast. I'm very grateful and surprised that it lasted as long as it did. It was my grandma Weidner's machine that I got after she passed away. We had it for 6 years but I know it was at least 10 years old. It was time to get a new one. The worst part of that whole night was that while they were trying to move it back the metal foot caught on the linoleum but they kept pushing so it ripped up a huge chunk of the floor. They glued it back down but I was still a bit upset seeing as how this is a new house and all. I was super grateful for Dave's help though. He really dropped everything to come and help and it was appreciated. We ended up getting a new one yesterday, so almost a week without a washer. It was tough but we made it. I did some laundry at my mom's house the Saturday after and it brought back memories of when we were in our first apartment. It didn't have hook ups and so we would have to drag our laundry over every week to my mom's to do it for 2 years, until we moved to a place that had hook ups. We decided to go with a front loader and later we would get the dryer that goes with it so we can stack them and have more room in the laundry room. We got the idea from some friends of ours in our ward. That is what they did and it made a HUGE difference. Now. For the more recent news and then an update on the kids. Well. Last night we had a chance to repay the favor to Dave. He needed some help with a computer issue. So. I picked Dan up and we headed up there. Well. I passed about 2100 s. in Salt Lake and had this weird feeling that something bad was going to happen. I noticed I was following a little too close and that I probably was going a little too fast too. So. I slowed down and left lots of room. Well it wasn't until right before the centerville exit that traffic all of a sudden slowed way down. I saw break lights as I was coming up to the slowed traffic so I started tapping my breaks and slowing down too. Well we came to just about a complete stop when I look in my rear view mirror to see a car coming at us way too fast. All I had time to say was, "Dan they're not stopping." and then BAM!! She slammed right into me and bounced off. It was so strange. Addi was asleep and didn't even wake up when we got hit. We were in the far left lane so we were blocking traffic really bad cause there was no shoulder. I got out to look and tell the other driver we had already called the cops (not a smart idea... Don't ever get out... way dangerous) Didn't realize that till later. All she did was leave a little paint from what I could see. She was pretty ornery and I tried to suggest that we pull over to the right side of the freeway but she wouldn't move. We just waited for the cops and thankfully a undercover cop came by and right after that the officer that was called to the scene. They had us get off at the next exit and pull into a gas station. We filled out the report (which took the other driver a century to figure out) and then we left. I was shocked that the woman that hit us didn't even apologize or ask if we were ok. I had two small kids in the back seat. I'm so glad we were ok and that I left enough space. I probably would've hit the person in front of me if I hadn't. That was my first accident as a driver. Shook me up a little but we were fine so I calmed down pretty fast. Now the car is fixed and everything is back to normal. Thank goodness! Now for the kids. Addi has been learning so much. As we were walking out of the grocery store the other day She saw the American Flag and all of a sudden I hear hear recite the entire pledge of allegiance all by herself. I was floored. I had no idea that she was even learning it.
She has been keeping us laughing too. A while ago she walks into our room sleep walking. She looks like she is completely aware. She comes over to the bed and says "We need more pixy dust... can I have a blanket?" It was hilarious. After my second visit to the back specialist (that I had to take the kids to) she was being horrible and running everywhere and refusing to put her coat on. I got really fustrated cause Xander was following her lead. I put her in the car seat a little less gently than normal and she new I was mad. As we were driving off she says "Mom, I don't want you for my mom anymore." I asked her who she wanted to have has her mom instead and she responds, " I want a black mom." I asked why and she says, "Cause they are nice." I was a little thrown but I couldn't be mad anymore cause it was so funny. She is always full of mischief but I love her. Xander has been driving me nuts. He climbs into everything!!! I found him in the sink yesterday with the water running and steamy. Thank goodness it was running into the other side of the sink. Just before that he was playing in the toilet. A few days ago I found him barefoot out in the snow with his pretend tools making on the back porch. He is finally tall enough to unlock the door without needing to get the table. The other day I was really tired from being up in the middle of the night with Xander and so I went back to bed after I got the kids their breakfast. I had a feeling that I should go set the house alarm. So I did. Well about a half hour later the house alarm goes off. Yup. He had opened the back door. I'm really glad I set that alarm. He could have got out and gone who knows where with no coat and barefeet. Time to get a lock that goes up high on the door. He has been talking a ton. He knows everyones name and can count to ten in french and english with just a little help. He LOVES the movie "Dispicable Me." He even quotes it! He can't quite say the name of the movie so he says "Baco Me" instead. He has grown so much! He is getting really tall and losing more chub :( The poor guy had 6 teeth come through a few weeks ago and then all of the sudden, after being onery from that, he hit the terrrible twos early. He climbs on everything and keeps me busy. Sometimes it is hard to get mad cause he makes me laugh so much.

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