Friday, January 21, 2011

So.... update again. I'd like to say I'm gonna be better at this but I don't think that is gonna happen. Lots has happened since the last post. First I'll start with the MRI. It was a LONG process and so hard for me to hold still. I had no idea how claustrophobic I am until they put me in. I felt myself start to panic so I tried to breath deep but then they said I was breathing too deep. Then I started to itch all over. The worst was that I had to wear ear plugs and towards the end (thankfully) one fell out and was tickling my ear. It was TORTURE to try not to move. But, I made it through. The results said that I have a compressed bulging disc in my neck. Probably as a result of the chiropractor. He put me on a dose of cortisone and I am scheduled for physical therapy on the 27th of January. I can't wait to get working on getting back to my old self. I really want to get back into a work out routine again without being so scared of hurting myself. Christmas was a blast!! The kids had so much fun and were spoiled rotten. We went to my parent's house for Christmas Eve and just relaxed with everyone. It was so much fun watching every one's reaction to what we got them. That is the best part of Christmas for me. Especially when I get a surprised excited reaction. We gave my Dad a remote control airplane and his reaction was awesome. He has had a lot of fun with it. My mom spoiled the kids of course. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with her. She loves those kids though and I've been told to let her do her spoiling. She spoiled me too though. She got Dan and I the wii fit game. We had them over for new years and we all had fun playing it. We spent Christmas Day at Dan's parents' house. We had so much fun just hanging out with the family. His mom always does a turkey dinner when we get together for Christmas and it was super yummy!! I was so much fun to watch each other get excited and the kids had a blast with their cousins. We drew names this year since we are growing so fast. I got Dave and Dan got Megan. We got Megan some microphones for her Beatles rock band game (thanks for the suggestion Tom) and a simplified hymn book (also thank you for the suggestion Tom). Dave's gift was the one Dan and I had been so excited for. We both couldn't wait to see his reaction. He is a big airplane fan and so we got him a remote control helicopter too. He LOVED it. He even went out and got another one later. We went up there last night so Dan could help him with something and he was playing with it then too. It was so nice to see that he enjoyed it as much as has we had hoped.

New Years was fun. We had my family over and played games and ate and talked. The kids didn't make it to midnight but the rest of us did. I can't believe it is 2011 already!! Well. Recently things have been less than dull for us. Last Friday while I was home and a load of laundry was going I heard the washer making a weird noise. I decided to just listen for a while. Well. All of a sudden I heard a loud pop noise so I ran in and turned off the machine. when i opened the lid I got a face full of smoke and it just kept billowing out of the tub basin. It smelled just as bad as when a vacuum belt breaks. That burned rubber smell. Well. come to find out that is exactly what happened. My entire house was full of smoke so I opened all the windows and turned of the heater and put the kids in their coats. I finally got it aired out enough to close the window when my Dad shows up to try and see if it was something that could be fixed. I was so grateful that he just dropped everything to come to my rescue. He took it apart and found that the belt blew but he didn't know how to fix it. He called the guy that repair his machine once and asked him what else could be wrong and how much it would be to diagnose and fit. The numbers weren't pretty. Dan called while he was here and said that Dave was going to come down around 5 to take a look and see what he could do. He also dropped everything and came to our rescue. He brought the family and we hung out and had dinner while Dan and Dave put a new belt on the machine. Well. That didn't work. Sounds like the break that stops it from spinning wouldn't stop engaging and it would just burn through the belt. So, that machine was toast. I'm very grateful and surprised that it lasted as long as it did. It was my grandma Weidner's machine that I got after she passed away. We had it for 6 years but I know it was at least 10 years old. It was time to get a new one. The worst part of that whole night was that while they were trying to move it back the metal foot caught on the linoleum but they kept pushing so it ripped up a huge chunk of the floor. They glued it back down but I was still a bit upset seeing as how this is a new house and all. I was super grateful for Dave's help though. He really dropped everything to come and help and it was appreciated. We ended up getting a new one yesterday, so almost a week without a washer. It was tough but we made it. I did some laundry at my mom's house the Saturday after and it brought back memories of when we were in our first apartment. It didn't have hook ups and so we would have to drag our laundry over every week to my mom's to do it for 2 years, until we moved to a place that had hook ups. We decided to go with a front loader and later we would get the dryer that goes with it so we can stack them and have more room in the laundry room. We got the idea from some friends of ours in our ward. That is what they did and it made a HUGE difference. Now. For the more recent news and then an update on the kids. Well. Last night we had a chance to repay the favor to Dave. He needed some help with a computer issue. So. I picked Dan up and we headed up there. Well. I passed about 2100 s. in Salt Lake and had this weird feeling that something bad was going to happen. I noticed I was following a little too close and that I probably was going a little too fast too. So. I slowed down and left lots of room. Well it wasn't until right before the centerville exit that traffic all of a sudden slowed way down. I saw break lights as I was coming up to the slowed traffic so I started tapping my breaks and slowing down too. Well we came to just about a complete stop when I look in my rear view mirror to see a car coming at us way too fast. All I had time to say was, "Dan they're not stopping." and then BAM!! She slammed right into me and bounced off. It was so strange. Addi was asleep and didn't even wake up when we got hit. We were in the far left lane so we were blocking traffic really bad cause there was no shoulder. I got out to look and tell the other driver we had already called the cops (not a smart idea... Don't ever get out... way dangerous) Didn't realize that till later. All she did was leave a little paint from what I could see. She was pretty ornery and I tried to suggest that we pull over to the right side of the freeway but she wouldn't move. We just waited for the cops and thankfully a undercover cop came by and right after that the officer that was called to the scene. They had us get off at the next exit and pull into a gas station. We filled out the report (which took the other driver a century to figure out) and then we left. I was shocked that the woman that hit us didn't even apologize or ask if we were ok. I had two small kids in the back seat. I'm so glad we were ok and that I left enough space. I probably would've hit the person in front of me if I hadn't. That was my first accident as a driver. Shook me up a little but we were fine so I calmed down pretty fast. Now the car is fixed and everything is back to normal. Thank goodness! Now for the kids. Addi has been learning so much. As we were walking out of the grocery store the other day She saw the American Flag and all of a sudden I hear hear recite the entire pledge of allegiance all by herself. I was floored. I had no idea that she was even learning it.
She has been keeping us laughing too. A while ago she walks into our room sleep walking. She looks like she is completely aware. She comes over to the bed and says "We need more pixy dust... can I have a blanket?" It was hilarious. After my second visit to the back specialist (that I had to take the kids to) she was being horrible and running everywhere and refusing to put her coat on. I got really fustrated cause Xander was following her lead. I put her in the car seat a little less gently than normal and she new I was mad. As we were driving off she says "Mom, I don't want you for my mom anymore." I asked her who she wanted to have has her mom instead and she responds, " I want a black mom." I asked why and she says, "Cause they are nice." I was a little thrown but I couldn't be mad anymore cause it was so funny. She is always full of mischief but I love her. Xander has been driving me nuts. He climbs into everything!!! I found him in the sink yesterday with the water running and steamy. Thank goodness it was running into the other side of the sink. Just before that he was playing in the toilet. A few days ago I found him barefoot out in the snow with his pretend tools making on the back porch. He is finally tall enough to unlock the door without needing to get the table. The other day I was really tired from being up in the middle of the night with Xander and so I went back to bed after I got the kids their breakfast. I had a feeling that I should go set the house alarm. So I did. Well about a half hour later the house alarm goes off. Yup. He had opened the back door. I'm really glad I set that alarm. He could have got out and gone who knows where with no coat and barefeet. Time to get a lock that goes up high on the door. He has been talking a ton. He knows everyones name and can count to ten in french and english with just a little help. He LOVES the movie "Dispicable Me." He even quotes it! He can't quite say the name of the movie so he says "Baco Me" instead. He has grown so much! He is getting really tall and losing more chub :( The poor guy had 6 teeth come through a few weeks ago and then all of the sudden, after being onery from that, he hit the terrrible twos early. He climbs on everything and keeps me busy. Sometimes it is hard to get mad cause he makes me laugh so much.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok. So long since I last posted but life has been eventful for us. I've been keeping busy getting ready for Christmas. I've had most of my shopping done since the end of November, which has been awesome. The only person I hadn't shopped for was Dan. His is done now so all I have left are the stockings to fill. I've even accomplished all the wrapping and decorating for most of it too. I think I only have half a dozen left to do. I'm actually excited for Christmas this year. Usually I'm just stressed but since I'm not racking my brain to come up with gift ideas, things are a lot more relaxed this year. We have been passing around lots of colds. We were all sick around Halloween and now we have the colds again, although we are at the tail end of them now. Well. I went in to see a spine specialist cause I've been in so much pain lately. I wake up sore every morning and I don't sleep well. I think I need a specialty pillow but the don't do that kind of thing. The spine specialist scheduled me for an MRI so they can check some things out. MRI... Another word for EXPENSIVE. All well. At least I met the deductible this year so I only have to pay 20%. We shall see what comes of all this. Today is the MRI. I've also kept busy decorating the walls in our house. I've had lots of fun and spent a little too much money, but I rationalize cause it is stuff that I'll use for a long long time. Maybe not it the exact same place but somewhere in the house. Here are some pics.

Dan has finished his last semester for the year. WAHOOO!!! Only one left and he has a Masters Degree!! I'm so proud of him! He works so incredibly hard. I can't wait to have my husband back. He wants to go on a vacation when he gets done. Just the two of us. I'm a little paranoid to leave the kids for more than one night. I know we need it and it will be nice but I really don't want to burden anyone for too long. I'd like to go to Yellow Stone since I've never been there before and it isn't too far away. I just really worry about something happening to us or the kids. Hopefully I get over it soon. Now for and update on the kids.

Addi is still loving school and has been keeping us surprised with what comes out of her mouth. We were driving down the road one day and Dan had farted. He didn't say anything but all of a sudden Addi pipes up and says "Dad, I want you to roll down your window." Dan says "Why?" Addi responds "Cause I want you to get your stink out of here!!!" She just cracks me up. Although she has said some things lately that have been disappointing. The other day I was standing in front of the mirror and she says "Mom, those pants look gay on you, your butt is too big." I have no idea where she would have learned to talk like that. We were watching Funniest Home Videos the other night when a little girl, who had just caught a fish, was annoyed with her dad. She wanted him to turn on the camera (it was already on) so she tells her dad "Just turn on the Damn camera!" Of course everyone laughed and a second later you hear Addi.. "Damn Damn Damn!" ARGH!! She has been spending many a night on our bedroom floor too. I don't know what the deal is but she seems to be having a lot of vivid nightmares. Nightmares that she can remember and talks about. The latest was a dream that I had a baby in my tummy (she talks about that a lot but we are not expecting) and that it popped out (not sure if the way it came out was scary or if it was the next part of the dream that was the scariest) and that I had no face. Very strange. Her new thing is playing games on the computer on the Disney website. I'm hoping some new toys from Christmas will help keep her off a little bit cause she is on the computer way too much. She gets so addicted that when she gets interrupted by anything she gets very mad. At that point she gets booted off.

Xander. Well. What Can I say? He is learning tons and just cracks us up all the time. He can repeat just about any word you ask him to say. He is talking so much more. I watch a little boy named Parker a few days a week off and on. They live right behind us and Xander knows his name and says it constantly. He loves to read and rip up books. Drives me NUTS!! He has been working on his numbers. We will count with him and we say the number and he says the next one. I'm surprised how well he knows them. The other day I was playing around with him and I shook his had and asked how he was doing. He shocked me when he answered "Good!" He made me laugh so hard. He loves to play hid and seek and the other day he climbed into the lazy susan in the kitchen. Went behind everything and shut the door. I could hear him yelling "Mom!" but I couldn't seem to figure out where it was coming from and neither could Dan. We finally found him in there. He is pretty dang sneaky! He was so cute when we put up the Christmas tree. He stood there blowing on the lights telling me they were hot! I wish he still thought that but right after that he touched them just to see. Now he knows they aren't really hot. He is learning from watching me clean all the time. Now when he spills his drink or gets something wet he goes and gets a rag and wipes it up for me. What a big helper!

I forgot to update on Thanksgiving so... We had Thanksgiving at our place this year. We had Zenobia (a girl that joined the Church While Dan was serving in France) over for Thanksgiving too. It was fun and busy. I don't think I sat down for very long that day. It was fun and good to have family around except for Kristen and Walter since they went to Arizona to see Kristen's sister. We missed them but were glad they had a safe trip even though Walter was sick for most of it. It was nice that the kids had their own things to play with and kept busy. They had fun making apple turkeys. Something that we did as kids on Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where to start.... Well. I can't seem to figure out why there are huge spaces in the middle of my last post. So annoying! But I've tried to edit it and it looks just fine until I post. Then it goes all crazy. Last Thursday we went to my Dad's work for the West Valley City Halloween Party. The kids got to show off for grandpa at his work. Then they got to go trick or treating and pick out a pumpkin. Went super fast and was lots of fun.

Last Saturday was Halloween. A super wet Halloween, but we still had fun. we went out at about 5 and it started pouring rain. Thank heaven I went out and bought 3 umbrellas earlier in the day. We went out anyway cause we still had some day light and it was still warm. We didn't think the rain was going to stop at all according to the weather so we figured we'd be wet and warm instead of wet and cold. We tried to have Xander in the stroller but it go completely soaked and getting him in and out while trying to hold an umbrella was a joke. So. Dan and I took turns carrying him while the other pushed the stroller. Thankfully Addi walked just fine most of the time and held her own umbrella. Xander dropped his bucket (thankfully early on in our excursion) and so we tried to carry if for him. He wasn't having any of that. He wanted to do it himself. We finished at about 7 and at about that time it stopped raining. Just our luck. All well. The kids had fun and it was certainly a Halloween to remember.

Xander was Growling

Ready to go out in the rain!

This last week has been a really productive one. I've been able to get a lot done around the house and ready for winter. Tuesday I cleaned out the garage and hung a few shelves and put all the dangerous stuff up high. I also mowed the lawn. Wednesday I finally re caulked the counter top in the kitchen that runs along the outside wall. We had it crack last winter and then one of the real estate agents from reliance came out to try and fix it. Well rather than fix it he used the wrong color and type of caulk. He didn't even take the old stuff off so it looked horrible!! So. I had to take all the caulk of and repaint since it pealed some of it off, and then I recaulked. Doesn't look as good as the first time but better than what the Realtor did. Then, Thursday, I washed the car inside and cleaned out the street gutters. They were full of rock and dirt from us doing the sprinklers. The lawn also got treated but Trugreen so I watered it for the last time. All we have to do now is blow out the system and clean out two windo wells and we are done!! Thank heaven I got everything done since now I have the fall cold. It started yesterday and I feel pretty crappy now.

My mom watched our kids yesterday so we could go to the temple. We hadn't been in a very long time. The deal was I'd help her rake her leaves today since she watched them. I'm not gonna chicken out but when I'm done I'm gonna come home and crash.
We found out on Wednesday that my brother Walter and his wife are gonna have a baby boy in March. We are so excited!!! This is the first grand kid on my side of the family that isn't my kid. They will be naming him Abram Thomas Weidner.
My sister Michelle is out of the hospital but is refusing to cooperate or continue on the program they set up for her. Kinda frustrating cause she didn't stick with it when she went in to the anorexia center last time either. I just wonder when this is gonna end and hope it doesn't end badly. I confronted her on it and told her to quit chickening out on everything. Give the program a chance to work before you say it doesn't. She just blew up at me and yelled. So frustrated trying to deal with her rationally when she doesn't deal with reality like a normal person cause she is sick. She hates being treated like a teenager but that is how she acts. I told her that too and she didn't like hearing it. I have a lot of conflicting feelings when it comes to her. Sometimes I just don't want to care cause it is too frustrating and exhausting, but I can't just not care. As much as it would be easier I can't do it. In a lot of ways I'm really ANGRY! Angry she doesn't listen, angry she is hurting herself and in turn hurting those who love her, and angry that I can't fix it or change things. I'm sick of the roller coaster. Sick of thinking she is really honestly trying to get better and then finding it is all a lie. This anorexic disease is all about lies and I hate lies!!!! I hate that I can't trust anything she says. I hate the manipulation. I'm just to tired. I can't imagine how my parents feel right now. They have expended sooooo much time, energy, and money on trying to help her and nothing works. That the other thing. I hate to see how much my parents are hurting and how exhausted they are. Now that I'm a parent I understand a little better the love you have for your children. Even when they hurt you. You'd do anything to make sure they are safe and happy. It is just so hard to watch it all. Well. Enough of this. I've vented enough.

So. On a positive note, I've started shopping for Christmas already and the kids are just about done. This year we decided to draw names on both sides of the family as far as the siblings are concerned so that makes things a lot easier. Just have to figure out what to get the parents on both sides.

Well. I lost my keys last week and still haven't been able to find them. I'm also missing my credit card. I'm not quite sure where they are or where to look. I think Xander hid them. I've searched the entire house and cleaned everything twice and still haven't found them. I wonder if Xander threw them in the garbage and I threw them out without knowing it. I found out that a new key would cost 48 bucks. We also found out that we have to replace our tires. I hate how expenses come in droves. We also got our property taxes. They didn't escrow enough so we have to pay 500 dollars more. ARGH! Thank heaven for savings.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ok. So I've been a bit a of a slacker but at least it hasn't been a year. I said I'd update on the freezer and I'm just now getting around to that. Well. When I called back after the tech came out and recorded that the hole was made by the tech, things finally got moving. This time I didn't have to argue with anyone and my hold time wasn't too bad either. They just said that they would replace it and it would be delivered on Friday, and they would take the old one. Well. That is what happened. However I had to take the railing off the staircase in order for them to get it down the stairs. It wasn't too hard though. I was so relieved that the fight was finally over. It sure took up a lot of my time and I'm sure caused a huge spike in my blood pressure.
I spent all day Monday getting the fall cleaning done. I calculated and I'd spent about 13-14 hours cleaning. But I'm glad I don't have to do it again till spring :) I dusted all the blinds and vacuumed around all the baseboards and under all the furniture, cleaned out everyone's closets and dressers and cleaned the bathrooms and mopped. It sure took a long time and my back was killing me when I was done. The funny thing is that I kept going cause I knew if I stopped my back would hurt. As long as I was moving I felt fine.
Next week I get to ease up on the Chiropractic visits. I hate going. I hate hearing my body snap and I hate the inconvenience of having to go every other day. At least I met the deductible and it is only 12 bucks. That sure was a blessing.
I can't wait for Halloween. I'm so excited to dress the kids up and take them trick-or-treating. I just hope that the weather cooperates. I'm glad I bought Old Navy fleece costumes. At least I can bundle them up under them and they won't cover up their costumes.
Now. For an update on the kids. Addi is so excited for her school Halloween party. She really wanted to go out and play in the snow today but I don't have any winter stuff that fits so we are going to have to take a trip next week and get some things for winter. I watched her put her brother in time out the other day. It was kinda funny. She did it exactly the same way we put her in time out. Make her sit in the corner (sometimes it works sometimes she has to go to her room cause she won't stay in the corner) and then when she let him out she asked "why did you get put in time out" Then she answers for him. Then she asks "are you gonna do it again ... No? Ok. You can come out now." I had to remind her that I'm the mom and I do the putting in time out. She just realized how to play the wii mario kart game (with a little help from mom). she knows how to hold the go button down and I'll sit and drive with her. She loves to play dress up with mom or dad. the other day Xander and Addi and I all dressed up and ran circles around the island in the kitchen. They had a blast and I got worn out pretty quick. They still LOVE to play hide and seek but mostly they love when I pop out and scare them. She has been a bit better lately about not being intentionally naughty. She is learning sooooo much. Preschool was just what she needed to keep her busy. Lately she has been learning the days of the week at school and so Dan has been teaching her the days of the week in French. I'm amazed at what a good teacher he is and how well Addi responds to him. I got her to perform on Camera so here are her days of the week in French.

Addi just being Addi
As I was driving today Addi just kept making me laugh. First we are stopped at a light in front of a house that ha no Halloween decorations at all but has an old wood door that has the paint peeling. She looks over and goes "Well that house is pretty spooky!" I asked her white and she matter of factly says "Cause of the door Mom!" Then just up the road she sees people advertising for Mr. Snelgrove. She asked what they were doing and I told her they were trying to get people to vote for Mr. Snelgrove. Immediately after she goes "Does that make your heart hurt?" I have no idea why or where that came from. The best was as we were waiting in the car up at the U to pick Dan up. She looks out the window and says..." Mom, there is a lot of old people here. Lets go." Sometimes she just makes me giggle. It is a good things cause most of the time she just makes me growl.
Xander has been fun lately with all his new words but he has also been learning how to be quite the brat. I think he has hit the terrible twos early. Just in the last week he has learned how to say "No" to me. I'll ask him to do something and he just says "no" and refuses to move. He has also started hitting a lot. I'm having a problem getting him to stop. He says sorry and gets a time out when he does it but he just keeps doing it. I've even tried tapping him back to show that it isn't nice but he just doesn't care. I guess the concept of getting in trouble for hitting is gonna take a while to make sense to him. I think he has been cranky cause he is still working on 6 more teeth. He also is starting with a cold or has an ear infection. We will see on Friday. I have an appointment to get the ear checked out. If it isn't the ear then I guess he has a cold. Poor guy. I hope he feels better by Saturday so we can all go trick-or-treating. I thought I'd try and get Xander on camera saying a few things and he was quite cooperative. We have three short videos of him for your viewing pleasure.

I hope to get some Halloween photos up here after we carve our pumpkins. Tradition is to have them both sit next to the pumpkin in their costume. I forgot to mention earlier that Xander is a HUGE fan of cheese and bananas. He can finish a banana in like .25 seconds. He barely even chews. Last weekend we weren't watching very closely when we were making lunch and he got a hold of a brick of cheese. Here are the results.

Xander and the cheese with his teeth marks
Xander the banana man.
I took him in today cause I thought he might have an ear infection. He was pulling at his right ear yesterday and so I looked, there was a ton of wax. I pulled out as much as I could see and then yesterday he started sneezing later on in the day. This morning he was all stuffy so I took him in and the doc said that in that ear he couldn't even see in past all the ear wax. I was shocked there was a ton that was still in there. He checked it after he got it all out and there was no infection. I guess he just gets to have a cold for Halloween. I'm so sad. I hope he feels well enough to go out for a little while on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I will never again buy any appliance or large item from Sears. I have a good mind to never shop there ever again. We purchased a brand new top of the like Kenmore freezer. Top of the line meaning the best freezer Kenmore offered. We purchase the Kenmore Elite 25 cu. ft. Freezer in December of last year. We use the quick freeze once and it worked fine (we were flash freezing berries) but the second time we used it it didn't work at all. Well. About a month ago a tech came out and said that we had a broken heater coil. In a freezer we had only had for 7 months? Absolutely ridiculous. NE way. He ordered the part and sent out someone a week later to install it. That someone said that when it was diagnosed the guy put a screw through the freon pipe and so he sent someone out the same day to fix it since that is a huge deal and nothing freezes with that sort of leak. Well. The guy who came out to weld and recharge it told me at that time that it was made at the factory that way and not damaged by the tech. So. For the last 2 weeks I've been calling A&E (the people who send out the techs) my old sales person (who just quit the week before) and the sears appliance manager at the Jordan store. After talking With my brother in law that specializes in refrigeration I was informed that those are factory sealed system that are not designed to be recharged or tampered with and that doing so will cause a lot of trouble with the entire system. In my thinking it would be only fair that they replace it seeing as how it was made that way according to that tech. Well. They wouldn't do anything for me. No one would. In fact the A&E customer service manager thought it was pretty funny that I was upset cause when I was telling them how unacceptable this situation was she was snickering in the background. I was so angry I called her on it and she of course denied it all. NE way. After talking to the appliance manager at the Sears store where we purchased all our appliances (over $3,000) she said that the only way they could get it replaced was if they had documentation that there was a defect. Of course the tech that told me that didn't record that he had said that. Just that he had fixed it. Well. After she said that I decided that I'd have them send the same tech out and make sure that he records it this time. Well. He came out today. Now the story changes. Now it isn't the manufacturer according to him, after a little more research, it was the first tech that diagnosed it after all. He put a screw through the freon pipe when put the panel back on. So. that was documented and now tomorrow I get to call the Sears number the tech left for me and see how they plan to take care of it. Seeing as how it was an A&E tech that ruined it I doubt I'm gonna get anywhere. I guess we will see what they say and from there I'll argue with A&E and from there I'll see if Gephardt wants to help me. I'll keep the stupid thing as long as they guarantee it will last the standard life of a freezer, which is 15 years. Ya. There is no way they are willing to do that. So. In all fairness the right thing for A&E to do would be to replace it. I'll see how far I get with that tomorrow.

Well. Xander has been talking so much more. Every day he has something new to say. Yesterday when we said the blessing on lunch I said "Amen" and the next thing I hear is Xander saying "Amen." He also likes to say two in french. We will say un (1) and he says deux (2) and then we say trois (3) He loves to say "Ice" whenever we fill up our cups at the fridge and he just learned the word "bubble" today. So fun to watch him progress and learn. He knows all his face parts in french too. You ask him in french (where is your head, ears, nose, tongue, teeth, eyes, lips, stomach, feet, hands, or hair) in french and he will point to it. He also signs a little. He knows more, thirsty, hungry, please, and thankyou. It has made communication so much easier. Well. We lost the last binki last night and so he has had to quit cold turkey. Bedtime and nap time has been difficult but I think it will get easier soon.

Addi has been keeping me busy. She is still testing her limits so she spent a lot of time in her room today. She does great at preschool. She gets really excited to go and cooperates on the mornings she has preschool but about a half hour after she gets home there is a complete personality change. She is defiant and disobedient. I don't know why she is pleasant and happy for that little bit after school and then after lunch she is back at her old tricks but that is the way it is working lately. Maybe I'll try and sit down with her after school and do something fun or have her teach me what she learned. I just wish I could capture that pleasant, helpful, obedient personality that I know is in there. She did say something pretty funny today that made me laugh though. She came up to me after she had been playing on the chouch with staticy hair and said, "Look mom! My hair is all crazed up!" When I started laughing she asked me "What are you freaking out about mom?" Sometimes she does crack me up.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So. I'm pretty sure I got hit by a mack truck. I'm so incredibly sore. I had my first visit to a chripractor and I feel complete validated in being terrified of them. I can't stand the sound of cracking bones. Even as a kid I hated it when people would pop their necks or crack their nuckles. I went in on Friday and, while waiting with a heating pad on one of their fancy beds, listened to him crack 2 other patients' necks. I started getting really freaked out, the cold sweat started and I felt sick to my stomach. UGH! I had some Xrays taken of my neck and he told me that I had 3 ribs out, 5 vertebrae in my neck out and 2 more in my lower back (it was bad enough he said there was swelling in the lower back) So. After several snap, crackle and pops I felt relief for a second, but by the time I got to the car I felt even worse. I ended up back in Saturday morning and for the next 2 weeks I have to go in 3 times a week. It is a darn good thing that I met my deductible so each visit is only 12 bucks, and he said he should have the problem solved by the end of the year. When I went in on Saturday he showed me the Xrays and my head is not siting on my neck straight. It is kind of angled off to the side. He also showed me that most people's necks kinda curve forward at the top, or base of the skull. Mine is straight and is starting to curve the wrong way. Hence the reason for all the numbness in my arms and headaches all the time. I can't wait to get back to the gym and to normal life. I hate being in so much pain all the time. Every time I wake up my neck and shoulders are killing me. I couldn't even get out of bed to go to church this morning cause I hurt so bad. My fabulous husband was great and took care of a lot today so I could relax. We even got to go to my mom's and dad's for a double birthday party for my sister Annie and my sister-in-law Kristen this evening, which included dinner :) They are the same age and exactly a week apart.
Xander and Addi have been keeping me busy. Addi, for some unexplained reason, has been throughing the most horrible tantrums. She doesn't stay in the corner for time out and thinks it is a game to have mom chase her around and put her back in. So. Mom is very smart (or i'd like to think so any way) and figured out that she hates being confined to any area. So. I took the locking knob off my bathroom door (we have one on the bedroom door so we just keep people out with that one) and I put it on her bedroom door with the locking side out. Now when she is naughty I lock her in. The bad part is that she will lay down and kick the door as hard as she can until I come in and put her on her bed or spank her butt. I haven't quite figured out how to solve this problem so suggestions are welcome. Most of the time just threatening to lock the door will keep her in there but when she is super defiant she just keeps throwing her fit and leaving her room before time out is up.
Xander has been making us laugh and keeping us running. He just started saying "go" the other day. I was telling Addi "ready.... set...." and then all of a sudden Xander goes "GO!" It so stinkin cute how he puckers up his lips for the "O" part. I think he is teething though so he has been throwin a lot of irrational tantrums lately too. He has been eating like carzy too! The kid is ALWAYS hungry!
We had my sister-in-law, Shannon, take our family photos last night. It was fun but frustrating at the same time cause Xander was just not going to cooperate and then Addi decided to be rambunctious too. I'm hoping we got some good shots though. Shannon's husband Dave was using another camera and shot some pics too so between the two I think they got over 400 pics. I'm sure we will find a couple that work just fine. I'm just glad that the hunt for outfits is over and I don't have to worry about it for another year. I will be posting pics as soon as we edit and pick them. I can't wait to see how they turned out. Shannon did them last year and they were fantastic! I strongly recommend her for any photo needs. She is just beginning so she could use the practice too :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow! I forgot how much fun it is to play hide and seek! Addi has finally grasped the concept but she never counts all the way to 10, mostly only to 5, not cause she can't but cause she gets too excited to find me. She cracks me up. When she says "ready or not here I come" she says "ready for not here I come!" instead. I was reminded what it was like to play the game when I was a kid. Didn't seem to matter if I'd gone to the bathroom before the game or not I'd always have to go while sitting in my hiding spot. Xander was so funny. He'd stick with who ever was counting and help them look. He was the one to find me a few times. I think that game is a new favorite along with "head, shoulders, knees and toes", which we played a few times today as well. io'm so worn out now between cleaning up the house, mowing the lawn and chasing Xander. he has been getting into a lot of trouble in the last month. He figured out how to climb over the back of the sectional where there is an empty corner and no way out. He also figured out how to slide the coffee table over to the sliding glass door and unlock and open it. He also figured out the child proof latches on the computer desk and now he knows how to open the disk drive and he kinda hangs on it. Then, today, he starts sldiing chairs over into the kitchen and sucking on my dirty wash clothes that are in the sink or he'll play with the answering machine. I have needed a shower ever since I mowed the lawn and I don't dare too when he is awake. I'm so scared he'll escape. A few months ago I found out I had a rib out of place. Well. I think it is out again and I'm scared to back and have it adjusted again cause it hurt a lot after he did it last time but I realize no matter what I'm gonna be in pain. Well. Now that my husband is home I think I'm going to attempt to get the shower in sometime this evening.